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Mental health is something that has come to the forefront of American culture in recent years due to our country finally recognizing that it is a serious issue that requires attention. Whether you are in a state of constant anxiety or seem to have endless bouts with depression, it is important to understand that there are solutions available.

One of the significant problems within our society over the past few decades has been an overwhelming belief that mental health was something that those affected could simply work through. We were told that it was a choice, that our issues with mental health were not as serious as we thought. We were told that a simple change to a ‘positive attitude’ was all we needed to get through it.

At Jamey Ivey LCPC LAC, I understand that this is not the case in any way. I understand the struggle of dealing with mental health and am completely committed to helping you in any way that I can.

As a highly experienced mental health counselor in Great Falls, MT, I have worked side by side with dozens of mental health patients throughout my decade in the profession and would be more than happy to do the same for you. My style is extremely compassionate while focusing on the end goal of improving your self esteem and enabling you to cope with this disease in a way that allows you to thrive in the world.

No matter what your mental health-based issues are, I encourage you to reach out to me and let me show you how I can help you through them. There is no reason to struggle through this disease alone.

Contact Jamey Ivey LCPC LAC and let me help you work through the struggle and begin to thrive.

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